Image: Nihon Falcom

Over the last few months, D4 Enterprise has been releasing a bunch of classic PC-88 games on Nintendo Switch across multiple regions as part of its EGG Console label, and it is now asking Japanese players what other titles they would like to see on the platform.

As noticed by Gosokkyu, it published a link to a Google form earlier today on Twitter asking players to list the name of the game and platform they'd like to see, as well as their reasons for wanting it reissued and any memories they may have about the title.

The form also includes some questions about what EGG Console games players have already bought, as well as the expectations they have for the future of the line, and whether they've ever used Project EGG or EGG music.

As of writing, D4 has released three PC-88 titles on Nintendo Switch in Japan and the US, with Thexder, Relics, and Xanadu all getting reissues on the eShop. Silpheed and Hydlide are also scheduled to arrive on the platform tomorrow, with nine other titles also listed on its official website as a priority. These include the PC-88 versions of Märchen Veil (System Sacom), Ys (Nihon Falcom), Argo (Kure Software Koubou), A-Train (Artdink), Harry Fox (Microcabin), Tōdō Ryūnosuke Tantei Nikki: Kohakuiro no Yuigon (Riverhill Soft), Laplace no Ma (Humming Bird Soft), Riglas (Fortune), and Yokai Detective Chimachima (Bothtec). MSX and PC-98 games are also being considered.

What classic games would you like to see make their way to Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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