Chinese company AYANEO has made a name for itself via its range of high-end handheld gaming PCs, but its new 'Remake' series is trying something a little different – it seeks to create cutting-edge products which pay tribute to the hardware successes of the past.

One device which has retro fans excited is the forthcoming Pocket DMG, a Game Boy-style portable that AYANEO is keeping under wraps for the time being – and with good reason.

Speaking to Siliconera, AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang says the forthcoming handheld will "surprise" and "astonish" people:

Pocket DMG is our first vertically-oriented retro handheld. I have set high standards for it. It should provide an excellent experience consistent with other AYANEO handhelds, such as superior design, screen, and controls compared to competitors. We have put in a lot of effort, and we are continuously working on its optimization. Therefore, we cannot reveal too much information at the moment.

Additionally, we have designed a surprise that most players would not expect for it. I want to announce this surprise at the appropriate time, and I believe it will astonish many people.

Zhang also explains why the company is putting so much effort into its Remake line of products:

I am myself a fan who is deeply passionate about retro culture. I have collected almost all the classic handheld consoles, game consoles, and other digital products from history, so I am very familiar with and knowledgeable about these classic gaming devices...

However, classic products still have their limitations. No matter how much they are modified, it is difficult to achieve a modernized user experience. So, retro players are also eagerly waiting to see truly eye-catching retro products. This is the original intention behind our introduction of the REMAKE series of products. We hope to present retro-fused innovative products and experiences to these players who love retro culture.

We've already reviewed two devices from the Remake line – the AM01 Mini PC and the AYANEO Slide – and we can't wait to see what the company has in store with the Pocket DMG.

Zhang has also previously confirmed that the company has another retro handheld in development which hasn't been revealed yet.

[source siliconera.com]