Nights Into Dreams
Image: Data Discs

The London-based record label Data Discs announced over the weekend that it is releasing the soundtrack for Sonic Team's 1996 Sega Saturn classic NiGHTS into Dreams for the first time ever on vinyl.

This physical release is newly remastered and resequenced, features a glow-in-the-dark outer sleeve, and will come with liner notes from its two composers Tomoko Sasaki & Naofumi Hataya.

It is available to pre-order in two different versions. This includes a cheaper translucent purple edition (priced at £31.99) and a limited edition translucent purple copy with an additional white splatter design (£39.99) that comes with a bonus 7". The limited edition is only available to pre-order until Monday 11th (which is today) but appears to still be available as of the time of writing.

Here is the full track listing, for reference:

Disc One

Side One:

  1. Sonic Team 1996
  2. Fragmented Nights
  3. Dreaming Youngsters: Claris Version
  4. Gate of Your Dream
  5. Introduced Dream
  6. Paternal Horn
  7. The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream
  8. Peaceful Moment
  9. Gloom of the N.H.C.
  10. Pia Over

Side Two:

  1. Deep It Lies
  2. After the Dream
  3. Suburban Museum
  4. Acrobat Time
  5. The Mantle
  6. Growing Wings
  7. Sowing Seeds
  8. Dreams Dreams: In Silent Memory
  9. Mare Over

Disc Two:

Side One:

  1. NiGHTS
  2. Dreaming Youngsters: Elliot Version
  3. The Amazing Water
  4. She Had Long Ears
  5. Take the Snow Train
  6. E-Le-Ki Sparkle
  7. Time Up

Side Two:

  1. Message from Nightopia
  2. Under Construction
  3. NiGHTS and Reala
  4. D'Force Master
  5. Score the Goal!
  6. NiGHTS, Forever in Our Heart
  7. Dreams Dreams
  8. Fragmented Nights: Epilogue Version

Bonus 7” (Ltd. Edition Only)

Side One:

  1. Dreams Dreams (Kids Version)

Side Two:

  1. Dreams Dreams (Instrumental Version)

You can pre-order your copy now from the Data Discs website. All orders are expected to be shipped before 31st March 2024. You can listen to a couple of the remastered tracks on Data Discs' Soundcloud page.