Draco & the Seven Seas
Image: Ice Goat Games

If you watched The Game Awards, you'll know that Skull & Bones, Ubisoft's epic, pirate adventure game is now scheduled to set sail in February 2024. But it is by no means the only promising game about piracy on the horizon.

If you prefer your seafaring to be a little more on the retro side, then you should also have your spyglass aimed firmly at Draco & The Seven Scales, a promising new GameMaker title that is also scheduled to release on Steam sometime in 2024.

Draco & The Seven Scales is the work of Ice Goat Games, a small indie developer, and looks to be heavily inspired by classic Legend of Zelda titles like Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages. In the game, players switch between controlling a pirate ship and the captain of the vessel, exploring dungeons, battling bosses, and unlocking helpful items as they travel the seven seas.

According to the Steam page, there will be 7 dungeons in total to explore, 15 unique items to collect, and multiple paths through the game that diverge depending on your choices.

The Steam page is already up if you'd like to wishlist the game. There are no console release dates planned yet, but the creator has expressed interest online in porting the game to other platforms should it do well enough on PC.

You can follow Xythas on Twitter if you want to keep up to date. There's also a demo available on itch.io to try out.

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