Christmas Nights Into Dreams
Image: Sonic Team

Those lucky enough to have played the Sega Saturn demo disc Christmas Nights Into Dreams will likely remember the unlockable mini-game Sonic Into Dreams, which allowed you to take control of the blue hedgehog and guide them around various Christmas-themed environments from the Nights... universe.

Well, over the last year, it seems that a fan creator named Andreas Scholl has built a tribute of sorts to this obscure crossover, importing assets from the demo disc into Unity and creating new animations and 3D models to build the homage.

Scholl has been sharing updates of the project over the last year, starting with a post in January. This showed a preview of Sonic running around the Christmas Nights Into Dreams version of Spring Valley.

Since then, they've shared further updates including a look at the inflatable Eggman jumping around the level and a more thorough playthrough of the stage, with working bumpers, animated NPCs, collectibles, and sound effects.

We're curious if this is meant to a proper fan remake or if it's just something Scholl is messing around with in their spare time for fun. In the past, they've expressed interest in remaking Sonic Into Dreams, but they don't seem in too much of a rush to release a public demo to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on themself. When it's ready, we'll be among the first in line who will want to check it out though!

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