Nights into Dreams
Image: Sega

Sega and Sonic Team's Nights Into Dreams may not be as well known as Sonic The Hedgehog, but it has gone on to have a sizable following over the years. As such, it has received a lot of strange spin-offs and obscure follow-ups over the years, which no one but its most diehard fans will know about.

A new video from the retro YouTubers St1ka and RetroBreak, however, has sought to bring these titles to wider attention. It covers everything from the reasonably well-known Christmas Nights Into Dreams, included in several promotional bundles, to the old Sega web game Nights Into Dreams Shockwave.

What we find incredible about some of these titles is the amount of faff involved in either acquiring them or getting them up and running. It's almost like Sega was doing all it could to ensure the fewest number of people played them.

For instance, Nights Into Dreams Score Attack wasn't a retail release. Instead, it requires connecting a Game Boy Advance to a GameCube and having Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg or Phantasy Star Online in your possession. Meanwhile, Sega Superstars for the PS2 features a Nights minigame, but it can only be played using the EyeToy camera.

The video goes on to discuss some other titles too. Here's a full list that we've compiled:

  • Christmas Nights Into Dreams (Sega Saturn)
  • Nights Into Dreams (PS2)
  • Nights Into Dreams Score Attack (GBA)
  • Sonic Pinball Party - Nights Into Dreams (GBA)
  • Nights Into Dreams Shockwave (Web Game)
  • Nights Into Dreams (Tiger Electronics)
  • Sega Superstars (PS2)
  • Nights: Journey of Dreams - Link Challenge (Web Game)
  • Nights Into Dreams Slot Machine

If you want to watch the full video, you can do so below. We also recommend checking out some of the other videos on St1ka and RetroBreak's channels if you enjoy what you see.

Do you own any of the Nights Into Dreams games from the list? Let us know in the comments!