MemCard PRO GC
Image: 8BitMods

In 2021, 8BitMods introduced the MemCard Pro for the original PlayStation, a micro SD compatible memory card that could store significantly more data than your average, run-of-the-mill solutions and offered the ability to manage save files remotely via the web and Wi-Fi.

Now, it seems that it is releasing a follow-up to the popular device, with 8BitMods recently revealing an equivalent for the Nintendo GameCube (as spotted by RetroRGB).

This device will support anything from 1GB to 2TB micro SD cards and also features a micro-USB port that allows you to connect flash drives and externally-powered USB drives. Each GB of storage will provide enough space for 2048 59-block memory cards, but this can also be configured according to the pre-order page.

Another thing to note is that if you use the homebrew utility Swiss, the device will be able to automatically detect the running game and "create or load a set of 8 channels of dedicated virtual memory cards" based on 8BitMods' GameID and GameDB system. As the Special Presentation video states, this will help prevent any data loss when you end up launching games from across different regions.

Here's a full list of features from the 8BitMods store page:

  • Larger 128x64 Monochrome OLED display that shows the loaded virtual memory card, status icons and other information
  • Supports any microSD card, from 1GB to 2TB. Each GB of storage provides enough space for 2048 59 block memory cards
  • WiFi connectivity and remote features through a WebUI and FTP Server
  • Switch active channels and navigate through the virtual memory cards with two physical buttons on the device
  • Easy wireless network setup from a wireless device's web browser, by connecting to the MemCard PRO GC's access point.
  • Supports a special set of instructions for automatic loading, game info and remote control (GameID & GameDB via Swiss)
  • High-quality manufacturing with an injection molded shell and hard gold plated PCB contacts.
  • Load and manage stored memory cards remotely through the WebUI
  • Easily access and manage the physical files on your MemCard PRO GC microSD card over an FTP client

There are also some other planned features listed included local and cloud backup functionality, an SMB Client for automatic remote loading in diskless mode, remote gamepad control via a BlueRetro adapter, and more! Pre-orders are now open for the memory cards, with the devices coming in Frost White and Smoke Black. Both of these will cost £54.98 to pre-order and are expected to ship on the 9th Jan 2023.

What do you think? Is this something you'd be interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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