Wingman PS2
Image: Brook

Accessory maker Brook has made a name for itself via its 'Wingman' range of devices, which allow you to use modern controllers on classic hardware – and, for its latest trick, the company is targeting the PS2.

The $45 device is shaped like a PS2 memory card – and for good reason. It acts as a save game unit when used on the PS2, but also allows you to wirelessly connect "more than 125 controllers, including PS5, PS4, PS3, XSX, Xbox One, Xbox 360, even Xbox One Elite Series 2 and Switch Pro" – according to Brook, at least.

You can also remap the button layout, and there's a 5-speed turbo function to boot. Brook also assures us that the connection is "stable and offers low latency".

The Wingman PS2 works on the PlayStation 2, original PlayStation and PlayStation Classic (with the latter using a Micro-USB connection), and launches today.

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