Spanky's Quest
Image: marc_robledo

We've seen a few Game Boy games get the 'DX' treatment via fans recently, including the rather excellent Kirby's Dream Land 2. Now, it's the turn of a rather less well-known title, but one that is equally worthy of your time and attention.

Modder marc_max has just released a colourised version of Natsume's 1991 Spanky's Quest (known in Japan as Lucky Monkey). Also released on the SNES, this is a unique action game in that the protagonist – a monkey named Spanky, as if you couldn't guess – attacks enemies by bouncing a bubble on his head, changing its colour and altering the resultant shower of projectiles when it is eventually popped.

Limited Run Games republished the Game Boy version a few years back, bringing this underrated title to a whole new generation of players.

The SNES version is available on Nintendo Switch Online if you're interested in checking that out. Our friends over at Nintendo Life awarded it 7/10, saying:

At first glance, it's a pretty average title, and it's hard to imagine that many people would pay much money for it. But as a game bundled with a subscription, it's fun to mess around with, and there's a bit of unexpected charm beneath its eccentricities, especially thanks to the jazzy soundtrack by former Konami composer Kiyohiro Sada. Some players may not find more than some temporary amusement, but anyone who's clamoring for Switch releases of games like Diet Go Go or Rainbow Islands may find themselves with a new favorite.

You can download the ROM hack here. Let us know what you think of it by posting a comment below.