Analogue Pocket Classic
Image: Analogue

The Analogue Pocket continues to be one of our most-played devices in the Time Extension office, thanks to the fact that it not only plays original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and GBA carts but also has a vast array of FPGA cores covering a wide range of consoles, computers and coin-ops.

The one big issue with the device is supply – ever since it launched, Analogue has struggled to meet the incredible demand for this handheld. However, it has generated more interest via a series of limited edition variants sold in super-limited quantities. First up was the crazy 'glow in the dark' version of the Pocket, and then we got a series of cool transparent models. Both sold out in minutes.

Analogue is now preparing to launch a new range of Pockets, "carefully colour matched" with "iconic" Game Boy Pocket and GBA editions from the past.

Below are the colours that will be available:

Each one will cost $249.99, and they go on sale on November 17th at 8am PDT (that's this Friday). Shipping kicks off on the 20th of November.

As was the case with the previous limited edition offerings, these are going to be produced in tiny numbers and will never be put into production again. The FOMO is real, my friends.