Analogue Pocket
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Update [Fri 1st Dec, 2023 20:45 GMT]: Analogue has revealed that Pocket OS v1.2 and 2.0 will both be released before the end of the year.

"Analogue Pocket OS v1.2 will be released in early December. OS v1.2 fixes many important bugs, adds new controller support, updates Nanoloop, and adds openFPGA Developer features," says the company. "OS v2.0 will be released before Christmas featuring Original Display Mode support for openFPGA and a new CRT Trinitron Original Display Mode."

It's not all good news however, as Analogue has revealed that the Pocket Adapter Set has been delayed into next year. "Analogue Pocket Adapter Set has been delayed and will be shipping in late February 2024," the statement continues. "We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We are looking forward to getting these in to everyone’s hands and note that Pocket Adapters are supported with openFPGA."

In other news, the Analogue Pocket will be restocked on December 4th at 8am PST, and will be delivered in time for Christmas. More Analogue Pocket stock will go live on December 8th t 8am PST, but those units won't ship until Feburary 2024.

Analogue will also be releasing a Limited Edition White Dock on December 4th.

Original Story [Fri 20th Oct, 2023 18:05 BST]: Analogue made waves this week with the announcement of its Analogue 3D system, which will use FPGA technology to replicate the performance of the N64.

However, that wasn't the only piece of news from the company. As spotted by Retro Dodo, Analogue has also revealed that the Analogue Pocket will be getting a new OS update before the end of the year.

Analogue OS 2.0 will bring one of the most requested features from fans – the ability to leverage the cool screen filters on OpenFPGA cores.

Currently, these filters – which imitate the legacy displays of consoles like the Game Boy and Game Gear – are only available when using physical cartridges with the Analogue Pocket. OS 2.0 will allow them to be enabled even when you're running ROMs from an SD card via one of the community-made FPGA cores.

Furthermore, Analogue has also confirmed that Analogue Pocket Adapters are on target to ship by the end of 2023. It has also been revealed that the Analogue Dock/Analogue Pocket will get DAC support early next year, which will allow it to be used with old-school CRTs and PVMs.