Pocket Glow
Image: Analogue

Analogue has announced that it is producing a special 'glow in the dark' variant of its popular Analogue Pocket handheld.

Functionally identical to the original model – which is available in white and black – the 'Pocket Glow' will boast a pale green colour in daylight but will emit a ghost-like green glow in the dark. This "radioactive level glow" is achieved using "a proprietary plastic" developed by Analogue itself.

The original Analogue Pocket is a pretty tricky device to get your hands on, and this new model is unlikely to be any different. It will be available in “highly limited quantities" according to Analogue, and will cost $249.99 – a small jump from the $219.99 cost of the base version.

The Pocket Glow goes on sale on September 1st at 11AM ET. Orders will ship on September 5th.

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