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Update #3 [Fri 1st Dec, 2023 20:30 GMT]: Analogue has confirmed that the Duo will begin shipping on December 11th and will be delivered before Christmas. "An email will be sent out to all customers with a pre-order for any address changes. Any Duo address changes need to be sent by Dec 8th," adds the company.

Update #2 [Fri 20th Oct, 2023 17:45 BST]: Analogue has reiterated that its Analogue Duo system will still launch in 2023:

Update #1 [Wed 17th May, 2023 16:05 BST]: After almost three years of silence, Analogue has finally confirmed when pre-orders will go live for its Analogue Duo system.

The console – which will use FPGA tech and will play PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 games (both HuCard and CD) – launches this year.

Original Story [Fri 16th Oct, 2020 16:00 BST]: Boutique hardware maker Analogue is famous for its FPGA-based system and is about to unleash the Analogue Pocket on the world, but that Game Boy-style handheld isn't the only project the company has in development right now; it's just announced that it's creating a new console which replicates the performance of Kanye West's favourite games system: NEC's legendary PC Engine (known as the TurboGrafx-16 in North America).

The Analogue Duo will play PC Engine / TG-16 HuCards (including the handful of games made for the ill-fated SuperGrafx system) and CD titles (including Arcade CD games like Fatal Fury Special and Strider) and boasts support for original pads and accessories. Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless are built-in as standard, so you can use compatible wireless controllers if you so wish. There's also a USB port for plugging in wired USB pads.

The Analogue Duo launches next year and will cost $199.99.

The PC Engine is famous for being one of the smallest and more adorable home consoles ever and stole a march on the SNES and Mega Drive when it launched in 1987. Offering arcade-quality titles such as Splatterhouse and R-Type, the system quickly claimed second place in Japan (it was even outselling the mighty Famicom at one point), beating Sega's more powerful 16-bit Mega Drive / Genesis in its homeland. A North American launch happened in 1989 but the TurboGrafx-16 wasn't able to challenge Nintendo or Sega in that region, despite the release of the CD-based TurboDuo, upon which the Analogue Duo's design is based.

As well as the Duo, Analogue has also announced that it is releasing an adapter for the Analogue Pocket that will allow you to play PC Engine / SuperGrafx HuCards and TG-16 TurboChips on the upcoming handheld. It's also coming in 2021 and will cost $29.99.

5 Pocket + TG16 PCE

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