Joanna Dark
Image: Rare

Back in October 2022, we reported on the fact that the Perfect Dark decompilation project was nearing its completion opening the way up to PC ports and new mods.

Well, as spotted by Hackaday, that reality now seems to be coming to pass, with an individual named fgsfdsfgs creating a new Windows and Linux port of the classic N64 shooter that adds a bunch of great new quality-of-life features.

These include implementing support for mouselook, 60FPS, widescreen, and basic mod support, in addition to providing various fixes for bugs and crashes.

Perfect Dark was originally released on the Nintendo 64 back in the year 2000 and was a spiritual successor to Rare's 1997 hit GoldenEye 007.

In the game, players took control of the Carrington Institute special agent Joanna Dark as she attempted to put a stop to a nefarious extraterrestrial conspiracy with the evil corporation Datadyne at its center.

In addition to the N64 release, the series also spawned a Game Boy Color prequel around the time of release, a 2005 sequel Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360, and a 2010 remaster for Xbox Live Arcade (that was later included in the Rare Replay collection).

In order to play the new PC port, you will need to provide a legally-sourced version of the original game on N64. More information about the port can be found here.

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