Bio Fury
Image: Retro Love Letter

The homebrew developer Retro Love Letter and publisher World Of Games have now opened up pre-orders for a new Wolfenstein 3D and Doom-inspired first-person shooter for the 3DO, called BioFury (thanks TwistC for the tip!).

So if you're looking to add another game to your 3DO library to celebrate the system recently hitting its 30th anniversary, this might be something worth taking a closer look at.

Obviously, just from glancing at the screenshots, it's clear the game isn't trying to hide its influences at all, with the UI even having a character portrait in the center of the screen to depict your damage as time goes on — a staple of both Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. However, given the revival in interest in what many people often awkwardly refer to today as "Boomer shooters", we're going to bet that this will actually be a positive rather than a negative for most, adding a bit of extra authenticity to the overall experience.

In total, BioFury features 12 levels to play through, multiple weapons to blast away enemies into satisfying meat chunks, and an unfolding story told through notes that you'll collect as you go along.

There are two versions of the game available to pre-order. These include a standard NTSC version of the game that comes in a jewel case with pressed disc art, and a limited edition version (limited to only 100 copies) that includes a 3DO long box, a dual-sided poster with cover art/level maps, a keychain, and a 3DO tribute ad. The standard version costs $29.99, while the limited edition will set you back $49.99. These prices don't include the cost of shipping though, which is $5 in the US and $15 overseas.

You can preorder your copy here. The game is expected to ship on January 27th, 2024. Just be sure to pick the right option when ordering your copy. A free digital version of the game is also available to download now from GitHub.