Image: Sprytosaur Games

Rez is one of the most timeless and influential video games of all time. Offering a combination of amazing visuals and superb music, the Dreamcast classic survived the death of its host platform to find fame on a wide range of systems – including, most recently, PSVR2.

What's remarkable is that, in the years since its launch, we haven't seen more games ripping off Rez's feel – but fear not, as Sprytosaur Games is about to do just that with Amp, a "neon rail shooter set in a polygonal rhythmic universe" which, according to its upcoming trailer, is due to launch on "all platforms" in 2024 (thanks, Saturn Memories).

"Inspired by the world of audio, Amp takes your senses through the world where music is everything. Watch as you fly through pulsating environments to the beat," reads the game's Steam page. You're encouraged to "rhythmically engage" with enemies in "a neon world like no other".

As you can see from the screenshots, it's very derivative of Rez – but hopefully, it can do enough stuff of its own to be worth a look.

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