Kelsey Lewin
Image: Video Game History Foundation

Renowned video game historian and preservation advocate Kelsey Lewin has announced that she is leaving her role as Co-Director of The Video Game History Foundation.

Lewin joined the organisation in 2017 and has been one of its most public-facing spokespeople since then, passionately spearheading campaigns to catalogue and preserve gaming's history.

One of the organisation's most effective recent campaigns was to highlight the fact that a staggering 87% of 'classic' video games are no longer available for legal purchase, either physically or digitally.

Lewin also co-hosted the VGHF's 'Video Game History Hour' podcast alongside founder Frank Cifaldi. She's also a co-owner of Pink Gorilla, a chain of retro gaming stores in North America.

"It probably goes without saying that this was a difficult decision and that I’m not even confident it’s the right one," she says on Twitter. "Life is complicated and difficult and often necessitates making difficult and scary decisions. You have certainly not seen the last of me! This work is a big part of my life and I hope to continue to show up in other ways."

Everyone at Time Extension would like to wish Lewin all the best in her future endeavours.