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Update [Tue 24th Oct, 2023 16:15 BST]: Spacebot Interactive and incube8 have announced via a press release that pre-orders are now open for Dragonyhm (a game that was previously marketed under the title Dragonborne DX).

The new Game Boy Color game is expected to ship in Q1 2024 and is available to pre-order digitally ($14.99) or physically in both standard ($59.99) and collector's ($99.99) editions.

Dragonyhm Collector's Edition
Image: incube8games

The standard copy comes with a sealed box, clear back cartridge, clear cartridge protector, instruction booklet, Dragonyhm stickers sheet, and silkscreened PCB with artwork on the backside.

The collector's edition, meanwhile, adds an exclusive purple box, a cartridge stand, 2 x sticker sheets, 2 enamel pins, a CD soundtrack, and a 24x36cm Poster.

Update [Thu 4th May, 2023 10:15 BST]: The demo for Dragonborne DX is now live, as revealed by Spacebot Interactive on Twitter last week. You can download the demo from incube8's website for free.

Original Article [Mon 24th Oct, 2022 12:30 BST]: The Game Boy and Game Boy Color were home to some classic Zelda games, from Link's Awakening to Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

These games took the classic Zelda formula and shrunk it down to create pocket-sized experiences, complete with gorgeous pixel art, strange and memorable characters, and fantastic puzzles to boot. And, ever since, we've pretty much been suckers for anything that tries to evoke that same aesthetic.

This is where Spacebot Interactive comes in. Last year, Spacebot Interactive released its Zelda-like Dragonborne for the original Game Boy. The title borrowed some visual cues from classic Game Boy titles like Link's Awakening while adding in some RPG mechanics like turn-based combat. And now it seems that the developer is working on an enhanced version of the game for Game Boy Color called Dragonborne DX.

This version will feature colourful new graphics, enhanced gameplay, bonus content, and a remastered soundtrack. The project was announced last year, but we've only just come across it thanks to a recent tweet from the studio.

Here's a description of the project from the developer's website:

Get ready to travel through the land of Argon like you've never seen it before...

Experience the legendary story of Dragonborne with enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics, remastered soundtrack and bonus content, published by Incube8 games, pre order date tbc 2022.

Dragonborne DX is a remake of the original indie / homebrew title Dragonborne for the Game Boy.

Play as Kris in his quest to find his father and save the region of Argon from certain destruction as the dragon's start to mysteriously awaken from their slumber.

The developers are currently working on a demo, which is getting pretty close to being ready. We'll try and keep you updated once it's widely available. But for now, we recommend following Spacebot Interactive on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news and behind-the-scenes information.

Do you plan to check this out? Let us know in the comments!

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