Sega Pluto
Image: Adam Koralik

Back in 2013, a forum poster named Super Magnetic blew the collective minds of the Sega community when they revealed the existence of the Sega Pluto, an unreleased Sega console from the 1990s that was essentially a cost-reduced Sega Saturn with built-in NetLink.

Only two prototypes are believed to be in existence, with the other belonging to the Sega fan Roger Vega, who bought it at a flea market for next to nothing and has since teamed up with others in the retro community (like Ben Heck and Adam Koralik) to restore it to proper working order and showcase it publicly at various events.

If you happen to follow Koralik on social media, you'll already know that Vega's Pluto prototype is fairly well-travelled, having visited places like New York and Vancouver in the past. Recently, though, Koralik took the Sega Pluto prototype on a tour of somewhere extra special: the current Sega Europe offices in Brentford, London.

While there, Koralik snapped a ton of pictures of the device inside the Sega Europe headquarters and even let current Sega staff like the senior global community lead Danny Russell grab a few photos to share on social media.

It's great to see Sega embracing this obscure and overlooked part of its history all these years later, and we're glad to see the prototype out and about (rather than locked away in some private collection).