Dungeon Master Nexus

Japanese Sega Saturn exclusive Dungeon Master Nexus is now playable in English, thanks to the efforts of fans (thanks, @DRPGBook).

The patch provides "a complete fan translation" for the 1998 title, which was developed by Software Heaven and published by Victor Interactive Software. Dungeon Master designer Doug Bell has confirmed in the past that FTL Games was not involved with its development, which was handled entirely in Japan.

"Translation was performed using several online translation tools," according to the team behind the patch. "Some texts were rephrased or adapted for a better translation or to fit under the limitations imposed by the game. The original Dungeon Master vocabulary was used wherever applicable (champion names, spell names, creature names, item names and actions, etc.)."

The patch doesn't remove every trace of Japanese from the game, however; there are FMV sequences which feature Japanese speech – English subtitles have been added to these. Japanese text can also be used when renaming a reincarnated champion, if you so wish.

As well as making the game playable in English, this patch also fixes two bugs present in the game. 'Sabre' and 'Samurai Sword' item images are swapped so they correspond to the right item, as are the 'Staff Of Manar' and 'Yew Staff' item images.

The original Dungeon Master launched on the Atari ST in 1987 and quickly became a system seller. It also influenced a whole host of similar titles and was followed by a stand-alone expansion called Chaos Strikes Back. A full sequel – Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep – arrived in 1993.

Dungeon Master had a huge following in Japan in the early '90s, and was ported to the SNES and TurboGrafx-16. The series was so popular in that part of the world that Dungeon Master II was released in Japan on the PC-98 before it arrived in the West.

[source dmweb.free.fr, via twitter.com]