Dog of Bay

Yesterday, Hilltop (a developer behind countless Japanese-to-English fan patches) announced they would be revealing their latest localization patch over the next couple of hours. This inevitably caused many to speculate on what Japanese curiosity they would be bringing to English audiences next.

We saw a few different guesses floating around online, though we expect no one could have actually guessed the title that they were about to announce (well no one, except this person!). You see, the game that they had selected to translate was in reality Dog of Bay, an obscure Japanese rhythm game from 2000 about a group of anthropomorphic performing dogs. This PS2 game was developed by Cavia and published by Marvelous Entertainment, with its new translation patch being the work of a group of hobbyist developers including Hilltop, Cargodin, and OldGameBox.

It's a game we admit to not knowing too much about (to be truly honest), with our only familiarity really being its appearance on a Game Grumps episode back in 2022. Nevertheless, if you're particularly into rhythm games or video game oddities, this may be one worth checking out!

Here's a description of the game taken from MobyGames:

"Dog of Bay is a rhythm game in which a cast of anthropomorphic dogs gives dance performances in a night club. Four gems arranged on the lower half of the screen are mapped to buttons (up/down/triangle/cross) and light up when the corresponding button should be pressed. The dance routines are motion captured, and the characters are voiced by well-known Japanese singers and voice actors."

The patch is set to be released on August 16th. That is when you'll be able to grab the translation and try it out for yourself!