City Connection & Happy Meal's enhanced update of the 1983 Jaleco arcade game Exerion is out today (September 21st) on Nintendo Switch, with a version for Steam also planned for the future (thanks GoNintendo!).

Final Exerion, as the update is called, is the first in a planned trilogy of Jaleco revivals from City Connection and Happy Meal. It sees players utilizing a state-of-the-art fighter with forbidden technology to fend off an invasion from a group of genetically mutated beings called "Gene Beast" who are attacking Earth.

To master the controls, players will need to get their heads around the "EX CELL ON" system, whereby they can fill a gauge and call for the delivery of 7 powerful weapons to use against the enemy swarm.

The update features enhanced graphics, a new story, online rankings, and the ability to play in English or Japanese. It also includes a manga made by the mangaka U-Watari and is currently on sale on the North American eShop for $13.49 until October 1st.

We'll try and keep you posted on when the Steam version gets released. Also, just as a side note, the original game is also already available on Nintendo Switch and PS4 as part of Arcade Archives should you fancy picking up the 1983 version as well.

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