Pocket S
Image: Aya Neo

Yesterday, Aya Neo announced yet another Android-based handheld it will be bringing to the market called the Pocket S (as spotted by RetroDodo).

The device will notably take advantage of the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 and will according to Aya Neo's website boast "X86-level heat dissipation performance".

As suggested by RetroDodo, it should easily be capable of emulating games for GameCube, Switch, Wii, and PS2, alongside other retro and modern machines. It also comes in black or white designs and features a slim, "bezel-less" look that's seemingly inspired by modern-day smartphones.

Aya Neo hasn't announced the full specifications for the device just yet, or even a price, or a planned release date, but we'll try and keep you updated as we learn more. For now, you can see more photos of the new device below taken from Aya Neo's website.

[source retrododo.com]