Image: Benjamin Soulé

Have you ever been playing Galaga at the arcade and wondered what it would be like to control the aliens instead of one of Earth's heroes? Well then, Benjamin Soulé's Voltrex: Defenders of the Wave #27 is pretty much made for you.

The indie developer put together this inverted take on the classic 1981 arcade title during a recent game jam, hosted by Game Maker's Tool Kit, but claims that "he lacked time to finish it properly". Nevertheless, he has now released the game for free on itch.io, and from what we've played of it so far, we think it's a fairly novel take on a familiar classic.

In it, you play as Voltrex, the commander of the titular Wave #27 as you start your invasion of Earth. Your ultimate goal is to fight back against the various named pilots staging a defence of the planet, maneuvering your available units with the mouse buttons to charge at the enemy and fire away. There is an energy bar at the top of the screen to dictate how often you can attack (which you will need to watch), as well as various unique upgrades to unlock, which include everything from special shields to defensive dodges, and more units for your army.

If you're constantly on the lookout for new and interesting indie games to play, this one is well worth a go and will cost you absolutely nothing.

[source punkcake.itch.io, via twitter.com]