Motor Rock
As you can see, Motor Rock is back in people's Steam libraries — Image: SlopesGameRoom

Remember Rock n' Roll Racing? This isometric speed fest was notable for fusing racing action with heavy metal tunes, and gained plenty of fans in the process.

Rights holder Activision hasn't really done much with the series since 1997's lacklustre Rock & Roll Racing 2: Red Asphalt (beyond a re-release of the original game), but in 2013, fans were shocked when Rock n' Roll Racing 3D appeared on Kickstarter with a rather modest $30,000 funding goal.

Development on the game was started in 2009 by Yard Team, but the Kickstarter was cancelled before it could be completed. It was, nonetheless, released under the new name Motor Rock, only to have its Steam page taken down a week later.

However, Yard Team was still able to sell Steam codes for the game directly from its site (which is currently offline), but recently it was revealed by Slope's Game Room (who featured the game in a recent video) that Motor Rock had been forcibly removed from his Steam library.

This led some to speculate that Activision is working on a proper sequel, and it had removed Motor Rock from people's Steam libraries to 'protect' its IP. However, it would seem that the real reason for the removal is that the original developer's Steam account was hacked, and the game was removed as a precaution.

Slope's Game Room has confirmed that the game has returned to his own library, and others on the game's community page are saying the same. You still can't buy the game as Yard Team's site is still offline, but at least those who owned it previously have access once more.