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ININ Games, Tozai Games, and Irem have officially announced Irem Collection Vol.2, the second in its series of compilation titles focusing on Irem's back catalog.

It will be released digitally for Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles, and PS4/PS5, and will include GunForce (SNES, M-92 Arcade), GunForce II (M-92 Arcade), and Air Duel (M-72 Arcade).

All three of these titles have been reissued in the past, most notably as part of Dot Emu's 2010 collection Irem Arcade Hits for Windows, but this new package will (to our knowledge) mark the first-ever console release for both GunForce II and Air Duel.

Here's a description of each game taken from ININ's website:


Often considered to be one of the first run’ n’ gun games, GunForce: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island can be seen as the initial baby steps that paved the way for the later-released Metal Slug series and its sequel, GunForce II (GeoStorm), both of which were highly acclaimed. GunForce is where it all began, after all!

Originally released on the Super Nintendo in the West and the arcades in Japan, you must run and gun your way through hordes of aliens to stop a rogue CPU and restore freedom to the world. The game shows no mercy and throws you into the enemy frontlines right from the start as you parachute into action. And if that’s not enough ’90s action for you, how about doing a wheelie on a motorbike while shooting helicopters?! GunForce has got you covered. As it is now a tradition, GunForce introduced different vehicles f0r the player to control – tanks, helicopters, or motorbikes. Make your choice!

GunForce II:

GunForce II, known as GeoStorm in Japan, is the sequel to the SNES and Arcade game GunForce. It improves upon GunForce in every way and is considered to be one of the last arcade games from Irem. GunForce II was never released outside of arcades, making its inclusion in the Irem Collection Vol. 2 its first-ever worldwide console release. Featuring enhanced animations, improved gameplay, and a killer soundtrack, GunForce II was created by the same staff that later developed the iconic Metal Slug series. It is considered the spiritual predecessor to the Metal Slug series, with many of its sound effects and designs being reused in the series. It is a must-play for all fans! Set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic environment, the game allows you to take control of Max or Lei. Your goal is simple: dual blast your way through five different stages and rack up those high scores! Vehicles make a return, as is tradition, including motorbikes, mechs, and tanks, to name a few.

Air Duel:

The year is 2004. Earth has been devastated by an unprecedented nuclear war, and a secret organization called D.A.S. is rising to ensure chaos in the world. It is now your job to thwart their mischievous plans and save what remains of the world! Air Duel is a 2D vertical scrolling shoot ’em up that was exclusively available in Japanese arcades and never made it to the West. Its inclusion in the Irem Collection Volume 2 marks its first-ever worldwide console release. Developed by the same legendary team at Irem that brought you GunForce and later the Metal Slug series, Air Duel offers 7 challenging stages that need to be mastered either alone or with a friend in co-op. Choose your aircraft! Whether you prefer shooting forward only with the Jet Fighter FG-40 or firing crosswise with the Helicopter E-709, your playstyle is key to victory. Together with GunForce and GunForce II, Air Duel completes the Irem Collection Volume 2.

The collection will also receive limited and collector's editions for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. These will be available to pre-order from Strictly Limited Games from July 16th. The collector's edition will include a bunch of bonuses such as a soundtrack, posters, stickers, and a replica SNES box, as well as an arcade coin and a visual compendium, among other items. It is expected to ship in Q1 2024.

IREM COLLECTION Vol. 2 Collector's Edition
Image: Strictly Limited Games