Irem Volume 1-5 Bundle Collection
Image: Strictly Limited Games

Earlier this week, ININ Games, Tozai Games, and Irem announced that it was bringing out a five-volume series of Irem Collections, and now it appears that you'll soon be able to preorder a limited edition bundle of all five of these from Strictly Limited Games for a discount of €159.99 (Thanks @Gosokkyu!).

It's a bit of an odd proposition, considering only the contents of the first volume have been revealed so far — that volume is set to include Image Fight, Image Fight II: Operation Deepstriker, and X-Multiply just FYI. And because we also don't know yet what the quality of these collections actually is.

It also appears that there aren't any bells and whistles here, just a specially designed slipcase that is yet to be revealed and the prospect of owning a limited-run product (only 3000 are being made worldwide). Instead, Strictly Limited Games is teasing a more expensive Collector's Edition bundle (costing €429.99), which will apparently come with a more premium slipcase, the Collector's Edition versions of each game with all of their contents, and an as-yet-unannounced bonus item.

We can't necessarily see these packages being particularly enticing sight unseen, but if you want to save a few quid and can hold on until Q4 2024 to actually play these games, it's certainly an option that exists! We'll let you know when preorders go live!

Irem Volume 1-5 Collector's Edition Bundle
Image: Strictly Limited Games