Darius II
Image: Taito

Taito announced on Twitter yesterday that it will be adding the 3-screen version of Darius II to its upcoming Taito Milestones 2 collection of arcade games, and that the compilation will release on Nintendo Switch on August 31st in Japan (as spotted by @gosokkyu and Gematsu!).

The collection, which is being produced in collaboration with Hamster Corporation (the folks behind Arcade Archives), was originally announced earlier this month and is the successor to last year's Taito Milestones, which featured the following titles: Elevator Action, QIX, Space Seeker, Front Line, Halley's Comet, Wild Western, Alpine Ski, Chack 'n Pop, The FairyLand Story, The Ninja Warriors.

According to the website, the full list of games included in this new collection upon release will be:

All but three of these games have already been released through Hamster's Arcade Archives series on international storefronts, but the collection will likely be a cheaper way to grab all of them at once in one convenient package, with some bonus games thrown in.

Unfortunately, there's no news on when the collection will come to the West, but considering the last compilation of games successfully made it out of Japan, we'd expect the same to happen here. We'll keep you updated once we know more.