Image: ChrisPVille

GameCube fans had reasons to get excited earlier this week, as the retro hackers ChrisPVille and Trevor Rudolph announced FlippyDrive — a new no solder, open-source disk emulator for the classic Nintendo console.

As outlined in the announcement, FlippyDrive essentially aims to replace the disk drive in your Nintendo GameCube and will be able to load games from either an SD card or a Wi-Fi connection, in addition to being able to stream audio. It is being built with the Raspberry Pi Pico W and will feature Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), file, and in-menu configuration, which ChrisPVille has claimed will make it faster than pre-existing alternatives like SD2SP, Broadband adapters, and memory card loaders.

According to its co-creator Trevor Rudolph, it will also allow full file system support for loading multiple games and will aim to include some form of Swiss support in the future. In other words, this is all shaping up to be an exciting mod for those who still get a lot of play out of their GameCube console.

The two hackers will be making all the information you need to be able to build one yourself available soon online. We'll try and let you know once that finally happens.

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