Image: Time Extension

Pretty much any console over 20 years of age has been subject to some amazing fan-made mods, and the GameCube is no exception. We've seen HDMI installs and Optical Disc Emulators over the past few years, as well as mods which allow you to run games from your Memory Card slot.

However, this new mod from Laser Bear Industries might be the coolest yet – even if it's largely a cosmetic improvement. The mod replaces the black disc on the top of the GameCube's disc tray lid with a circular LCD screen that can display information during use.

This includes information on the game being played (assuming you're using an ODE or are booting using Swiss via a MicroSD card from your Memory Card slot), but it can also display a generic slideshow.

Obviously, with this being a fan-made project, there's the opportunity for other features to be enabled, too – and best of all, the mod drops right into place and doesn't require you to cut any part of the GameCube's casing – it even gets its power from connections within the console itself.

Would you love to pimp out your GameCube with one of these? Let us know with a comment.