Hoppy Hop
Image: Josyan

If you love Q*Bert and have been looking for a modern take on the classic arcade platformer, then you're in luck. Recently, on Twitter, we came across a tweet from one of the developers of the upcoming Q*Bert-esque indie Hoppy Hop, which appears on the surface to be a modern homage to the 1980s arcade hit.

In Hoppy Hop, you play as a rabbit, who must bounce around a bunch of floating cubes in a void, while collecting candy and eating carrots in your path. Along the way, you'll have to avoid a bunch of enemies spread around each stage, including a gun-toting fox, coiled snakes, and some strange floating eyeballs, with the ultimate goal being to get the highest score possible and your name on the leaderboard. There also appears to be a bonus stage included, which looks to be a throwback to the original Mario Bros. arcade game.

The developers of the project include the designer Josyan and the composer Bibiki, who both worked on the Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX remake from 2021. The game will be the team's first self-published title on consoles, and as such, they've asked for everyone's help to get the word out.

In a tweet, Josyan writes:

"Pls, remember how difficult it is to stay indie in this industry. Even if you can't buy the game, I really appreciate all the diffusion you can give it. If we can keep the studio going and self-publish our future games that would be great."

The game will arrive on June 16th later this year. The store pages for Xbox and Switch will go up later in the coming weeks, but for now, you can wishlist the game on Steam or take a look at some screenshots below: