Hayaku! Island of Darkness
Image: @Elk_Sign

The Argentinian-based game developer Pizia Studio has announced that its upcoming Mega Man-inspired Metroidvania Hayaku! Island of Darkness will be coming to PC (via Steam).

The announcement came with the release of a stylish new trailer for the project that mixes 2D animation with some energetic gameplay footage showing the hero Hayaki battling bosses and racing through factories and caverns (the Japanese phrase "Hayaku" in the title roughly translates to "Hurry Up!" in English). It also gave a tease of some of the fantastic music (from Esteban Alaniz) that we'll be hearing in the game, which brings to mind the classic 8-bit Mega Man scores of old.

The story of Hayaku! Island of Darkness sees players take control of the skilled soldier, Hayaki, as they are tasked with investigating and stopping anomalous activities on a mysterious island full of dangerous and unpredictable creatures. Their primary mission is to unravel the island's secrets, but they also have an ulterior motive for accepting the assignment: to discover the current whereabouts of their missing brother.

According to the Steam page, it contains the following features:

Lose yourself in huge maps:

Immerse yourself in the lost world using the map system that keeps track of your progress, and find navigation stations that unlock the map of the area you're exploring.

Arsenal System:

Explore and create more than 12 weapons that can be utilized as upgrades for either your sword or pistol.
each weapon can level up and exhibit entirely different behaviors based on its level.

Ride Armor Customization System:

Discover and collect new Ride Armor parts throughout the game world, allowing you to customize your combat robot with new abilities and upgrades. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect setup for your playstyle.


Featuring a chiptune soundtrack that could have been created for the NES, the game's soundscapes bring back memories of classic video games while delivering a fresh experience.

Visual Design:

Drawing inspiration from the NES, but with added creative elements that create a balance of nostalgia and innovation, providing a new and exciting experience.

The game is currently only planned for PC, but we hope that if it does well enough, it will also find its way to other consoles too. In particular, this seems like something that would be right at home on the Nintendo Switch. You can add it to your wishlist now on Steam to support the game and keep up to date with when it eventually launches. We also recommend following @Elk_Sign on Twitter for updates too.

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