Rog & Roll
Image: Punch the Moon

Platformers seem to be going through a bit of a boom period at the moment, with plenty of exciting projects finding their way onto our wishlists, and Rog & Roll, the upcoming game from Punch the Moon, is another that's recently caught our eye.

Despite boasting some flashy 2.5D graphics, the game is a retro throwback at heart, echoing a long list of platforming greats in both its presentation and design.

There's the incredible art, which seems to be a marriage between Kirby and Mega Man; the coin blocks and map screen, which are distinctly Mario; and the roll and barrel traversal that seems to be pulled straight from Donkey Kong Country. In the game, you play as a Tomato-shaped minion named Rog, who lives in a world where monsters have long lived free of their tyrannical bosses. When a disgruntled final boss returns and ends up enslaving your friends, it's up to you to save the day and rescue them from harm.

The game looks super promising, but currently, outside of a few YouTube videos and the developer's healthy Twitter following, it doesn't seem to be one that people are really paying all that much attention to. So we thought it only proper to shine a bit of a spotlight on it.

At the moment, there's currently no release date set for the game beyond the 'coming soon' that's listed on its Steam page, but you can play a fun preview of the game over on Steam which features the first world, complete with three levels, and ends in a climactic battle against a sentient fir tree. The developer has also published a gameplay trailer on YouTube which you can watch below:

Have you tried the demo yet? What do you make of the game? Let us know!