Moons of Darsalon
Image: Dr Kucho! Games/Steam

If you've been in the market for a new puzzle game along the lines of classics like Lemmings, then you're in luck. Earlier this week, the Spanish developer Dr. Kucho! Games released the fantastic retro-inspired puzzle platformer Moons of Darsalon, after eight years of solo development.

Moons of Darsalon initially caught our eye, thanks to its fabulous mix of pixel art and 3D models, which calls to mind classic games for both the Commodore Amiga and Super Nintendo. But we also have a soft spot for its AI-based puzzle platforming and intuitive command system.

The game puts players in control of an astronaut tasked with rescuing a bunch of lost squad mates on an alien planet. To do this, you need to platform your way through the level and bark commands at your fellow grunts (such as "go left", "go right", "wait", and "follow me"), making sure that they avoid any potential hazards in the environment. You'll have a bunch of tools at your disposal to help, including a flashlight, laser gun, and jet pack, to name just a few items.

The game is broken up into stages with each of these mini-levels having a number of objectives within them to complete. These consist of rescuing all of the lost astronauts, as well as finishing within a certain timeframe, for example.

Here's a list of features from its Steam page:

  • Advanced platformer AI including dynamic terrain detection, jump force calculation, light sensitivity, inter-NPC communication.
  • Voice Commands to control companion NPCs.
  • Dynamic ground destruction and creation.
  • Full Interactive and realistic Liquid physics.
  • Realistic off road vehicle physics.
  • 8-bit music based on MOS 6581 (SID) chip from 1982.
  • 8-bit speech synthesis.
  • Unique render pipeline that combines modern lightning, 2D sprites, and 3D models pixelated in real time consistently and with a restricted color palette for an authentic retro feel.
  • CRT filter.

You can try out the demo now for free on Steam or pick up the game for £14.16 for the next six days as part of an introductory offer. There's even a spin-off arcade prequel available to buy too, called Pilots of Darsalon. This was released back in May 2020.

Here's the trailer for Moons of Darsalon: