Beep's Escape
Image: @MartiansGame

We're always on the lookout for new indie titles that borrow aesthetics and ideas from retro gaming, and Beep's Escape appears to fit that description to a tee.

The new Steam title from Little Martian Games, about a brave little robot's big adventure, pays homage to the popular home computer, the ZX Spectrum, boasting a familiar colour palette and an authentic loading sequence reminiscent of those you'd see while gaming back in the '80s. It also comes with a CRT filter, which you can apply just in case you need that additional layer of retro goodness.

Here's the description of the game from its Steam page:

"Beep's Escape is a non-too-subtle nod to the ZX Spectrum games of the 1980s, in particularly the Dizzy franchise of action-adventure games.

"You take control of Beep, a brave yet cavalier robot who is on a mission to escape from the strange tech facility that he and his fellow bots are being held captive in. Using just your wits and the items you find around you, will you help Beep find a route to safety?"

Judging from the demo, available now on Steam, the game is an adventure platformer that will have you solve puzzles and explore a wide array of different-themed locations. It is scheduled to come out sometime later today (Thursday 16th February) on Steam, so be sure to wishlist it and check back in a couple of hours. Here's the trailer:

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