Retroid Pocket Vertical
Image: GoRetroid

GoRetroid – the company behind the Retroid Pocket and Retroid Pocket 2+ – appears to be working on a new handheld which apes the appearance of Nintendo's Game Boy.

The leaked images come from Roland on the Retro Handhelds discord channel (thanks, RetroDodo) and show a vertically-oriented device that looks very much like the Game Boy Color (this isn't strictly GoRetroid's first attempt at a vertical portable; it previously released Powkiddy's A19 with its own branding).

The front has a traditional D-pad and four action buttons, with two low-profile analogue 'sliders' beneath them. On the back, there are four rear buttons, presumably to ensure the system has the correct number of buttons to support PlayStation 1 emulation.

Elsewhere, we have two USB-C ports, a Mini-HDMI port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There's also a MicroSD card slot. Outside of that, there's no word on what chipset will be used in this device, so we can't say for sure what level of power will be on offer.

GoRetroid isn't the only company that has used the Game Boy as its template; Miyoo's best-selling Mini device is basically a tiny Game Boy, and Anbernic has also gotten in on the act, too. Analogue's Pocket handheld – which uses FPGA technology rather than software emulation – also takes its design cues from Nintendo's popular portable.