Image: Triskell Interactive/Dotemu

If you were a fan of city builders back in the late 90s, there's a good chance you may have heard of Pharaoh.

Sierra and Impressions Games' historical build-'em-up tasked players with creating city settlements across Ancient Egypt, and caring for its people during times of war and other assorted crises. Journalists and critics praised the title for its engaging setting and remarkable challenge, and it gained something of a cult reputation among PC gamers who are old enough to remember it.

It's arguably because of this that the game has recently received a brand new remake from the French developer Triskell Interactive and the publisher DotEmu. This new remake (which is being called Pharaoh - A New Era) recreates the same classic gameplay of building and protecting your settlements but introduces a few notable changes like a redesigned UI, a rerecorded soundtrack, and a more modernized overall look.

If that sounds like something up your street, you can buy Pharaoh - A New Era now on Steam for £16.99 as part of the introductory offer (available until March 1st). Or if you want, you can purchase the original game and its Cleopatra expansion for £6.99. You can watch the launch trailer for the remake below:

Did you play the original back in the day? Let us know!