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Update [Tue 11th Apr, 2023 13:35 BST]: Amaweks has now released the full game of Bruxólico via (thanks IndieRetroNews for the spot!). The game costs $10 and can be played on both real hardware or on an emulator.

It's worth mentioning that the download also comes with a 40-page long digital book with a complete Illustrated narrative, and 6 MP3s with audio narration to play along with the story screens within the game. There are also 5 colorful stages included, as well as 10 boss fights. A demo including the first two stages is available to download from the same page as the finished version.

Original Article [Thu 15th Sep, 2022 16:00 BST]: Forty years on, we all probably think we know what a ZX Spectrum game is supposed to look like, but recently we came across a @DanteMendes' tweet about a game whose art style took us by surprise.

Bruxólico is a supernatural platformer that is being developed by the Brazilian developer Amaweks, and we have to say it's looking impressive from what we've seen of it so far.

Not only does the game feature smooth scrolling (by no means an easy feat on the ZX Spectrum), but it also includes a faux-3D art style that takes great advantage of negative space to create the impression of depth. According to Mendes, it is apparently based on the work of the Brazilian artist Franklin Cascaes, who was a researcher of Azorean culture and a folklorist.

After DanteMendes tweet started circulating around retro games Twitter, people inevitably started to ask whether it was working on real hardware or not. So the next day Amaweks uploaded a video testing it on his TK90x, a Brazilian clone of the ZX Spectrum. As far as we're aware, no release date has been announced, with Amaweks simply stating he expects to be working on it until December of this year. You can follow him on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

What do you make of this game? Are you as impressed as we are? Let us know in the comments!

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