Tower of Power
Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

We don't know about you, but we really miss the days when video game consoles were modular by nature.

There was something so cool about being able to augment the potential of your base system with add-ons and extras, and while devices like the Mega CD, PC Engine CD-ROM and 32X ultimately fractured the audience and caused a fair amount of confusion, there's nothing cooler than seeing one of these 'Franken-systems' in their final form.

Perhaps the most iconic of these setups is the legendary Sega 'Tower of Power' – which, in case you were wondering, is a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis connected to a Mega CD and 32X – the 'final evolution' of the console, if you will, and the only configuration capable of playing every Mega Drive, Mega CD and 32X title. (Thanks to the existence of Sonic & Knuckles and its unique 'pass-thru' cart, you can make this setup look even more ridiculous if you so wish.)

Fast forward to 2023, and an industrious modder has taken the Tower of Power to the next stage by adding in a connector cartridge which contains an LCD display (thanks, Sega-16) – so you can enjoy your Blast Processing without even using the TV!

We have a very real need, put it that way.