Dragon Warrior
Image: Square Enix

It takes a special kind of dedication to collect multiple copies of the same game for no real reason other than being a big fan, but we have to admire the sheer tenacity of the guy behind The Unorthadox Dragon Warrior Collection, who has just revealed that he has amassed 1000 copies of the classic Enix JRPG (better known as Dragon Quest).

The story goes that a NintendoAge forum member going by the name Space Jockey managed to collect a bunch of Dragon Warrior carts a while back, only to abandon the quest when real life got in the way and his enthusiasm waned. He sold his haul to its current owner, known as Ferris Bueller, on the same forum, and he's kept the torch burning to this very day. That collection has now reached a staggering 1000 copies (thanks, John Riggs).

As 'Bueller' explains:

While the website may be behind on updates, the collecting of Dragon Warriors has continued on. A little over a fortnight ago while attending the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the 1000th copy of Dragon Warrior was obtained. With that, the Unorthodox Dragon Warrior collection becomes the first mega collection for the NES, possibly across all video games systems.

Let it be known, the collecting will continue. To reach the next level, thy collection must increase to 2500. Remember, it took almost a decade to get the first 1000. A more thorough post will happen when the website catches up, but for now Iā€™d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far and thanks to all who will be contributing to the collection in the near future!

We don't know about you, but we're really looking forward to the '2500' update.

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