Metroid Fusion
Image: Nintendo

With Metroid Fusion now being available as part of Switch Online's GBA library, we've had Metroid on the brain a lot recently, as you might expect. So, when we saw that someone had released a new remix album reimagining the music of Metroid Fusion in the style of Metroid Prime, we knew we had to check it out.

Pete Lepley (also known as Phonetic Hero) is a video game composer known for his work on games like Wargroove and PUBG Mobile. Earlier this week, he released Fusion Prime: Metroid Fusion Remixed, a new 7-track fan album that reinterprets Minako Hamano & Akira Fujiwara's classic sector themes from the GBA original.

To promote the album, he posted a teaser of it on Twitter, which included some snippets from a selection of its featured tracks. From this short, almost 2-minute clip, we're able to hear how the composer has taken advantage of the wider dynamic range available to them, while still staying true to what made the original compositions so great.

You can now listen to or download the remix album on Bandcamp. There's no price set, with listeners being able to name their own price based on how much they enjoyed the album.

Have you taken a listen yet? What do you think?