Shovel Knight 64
Image: Sam The Salmon

The wonderful Shovel Knight was one of the first games to popularise the 'faux retro' look which has since become a genre in its own right.

Designed to look like it was a NES game that had been lost in time, it combined rewarding gameplay with an awesome soundtrack, creating one of the more notable indie hits of the past few years. If you haven't picked up Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove by now – which pulls together all of the available expansions for the game – then we'd highly recommend you do so.

Given that it's so clearly modelled on the classic NES titles of yesteryear, it's fun to picture what Shovel Knight's trajectory would have been had it genuinely been released on Nintendo's 8-bit console – and to that end, artist Sam the Salmon has imagined a world where Shovel Knight skips the SNES and instead gets the full 3D treatment on the N64.

As you can see, this is seriously impressive work and makes us wish Shovel Knight really had come to the N64 in this form.