Image: Badger Punch

If you're at all familiar with the Commodore 64 homebrew scene, you may have heard about Rogue64, a fantastic roguelike that tasks players with crawling through procedurally generated dungeons to secure their fame and fortune.

Well, now it appears that its developer Badger Punch is creating an enhanced version of the game called Roguecraft for the Commodore Amiga (and other undisclosed machines). And we have to say, it's looking pretty dang beautiful, judging from some of the recent screenshots and videos that are being shared online.

The game, much like Rogue64, will see you delve into the depths of dungeons deep and terrible, in order to battle enemies, collect useful items and riches, and map out various subterranean passages. These passages will again be procedural in nature, aiming to bring you a new experience with every play session.

Here's the game's backstory taken from the developer's page:

"For time immemorial a legend has been told of a dark, deadly dungeon containing unimaginable horrors and riches beyond belief. Enough riches and magic to make you a king, or more.

"You have been searching for this dungeon since you stumbled upon the legend in an ancient Egyptian library many years ago. It started with the rumor of an ancient dark being and a magic amulet. The legend tells of a wakening and of horrors to come. Your search carried you across the world, one riddle at a time.

"Through many trials and perils you are now standing at the entrance of a dark and mystical dungeon far from where you started. You, Zendar, a fighter, a mage, or uh, a rogue ... are ready to defeat the monsters and gather the riches waiting below!

"You just need to take a leak first.

"The dungeons of Mordecoom are waiting!"

Roguecraft is expected to launch later this year, but no concrete release date has been made available yet. We will try to update you with new information about the project as it is announced, but for now, you can follow @bag_of_hats to see even more screenshots and videos from the game.

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