Image: HIT Entertainment

Japan really does get all of the good stuff, and if you need proof of this, then check out the Pingu-branded PlayStation controller below.

Released in 1999, the pad featured stubbier prongs (to make it more appealing to the tiny hands of children, presumably) and two characters hanging on the top – as far as we're aware, two variants were available, one with Pingu and his little sister Pinga, while other has Pingu and Robby the seal.

The controllers were accompanied by a fully-fledged PlayStation game, called Fun! Fun! Pingu ~ Welcome! To Antarctica. Developed by C-Lab and published by Sony Music Entertainment Incorporated, it launched in Japan on November 18th, 1999.

Originally aired in the 1990s, Pingu was incredibly popular in Japan around this time, hence the existence of these pads. If you're anything like us, then you have a very real need to own at least one of them, but there's the catch – these pads now change hands for hundreds of dollars online.