Dreamcast Impact Wrestling Joe Hendry
Image: Impact Wrestling

We all know the Sega Dreamcast is an absolute weapon, but it literally became that during a professional wrestling match between Joe Hendry and Quinn Ojinnaka (AKA: Moose).

The match in question took place in Impact's recent 'No Surrender' event, during which, Ojinnaka 'flipped the bird' at Hendry – who replied by 'flipping the lid' of his Dreamcast before using Sega's final home console to strike his opponent on the head. Ouch!

As the commentators said at the time, they sure don't make them like they used to – although we'd argue that a blow to the cranium from a PS5 would cause considerably more damage.

Let's hope the next Impact Wrestling event demonstrates the stopping power of the Nintendo Virtual Boy, which we think would make for a truly lethal weapon.

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