Burning Rangers
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Sonic Team's Sega Saturn classic Burning Rangers is 25 years old today.

Released in Japan on February 26th 1998, the game has become one of the Saturn's most coveted titles. It would arrive in North America on May 31st 1998, and in Europe on June 16th.

Built using the NiGHTS engine, it tasks the player with exploring 3D environments while extinguishing fires and saving people.

Naoto Ohshima (best known as the designer of Sonic the Hedgehog) served as the game's director, with Yuji Naka acting as producer.

Naka has made headlines recently after being arrested on suspicion of insider trading during his short tenure at Square Enix, where he created the much-maligned Balan Wonderworld (which was also worked on by Ohshima).

One of the final AAA Saturn games to be released in the west, Burning Rangers has sadly never been re-released or remastered. We'd love to see it get another lease of life – let us know if you feel the same.

Thanks to Lee Jackson for the tip!