Tuttuki Bako
Image: Bandai

Bandai has worked on some ingenious, yet odd, inventions over the years, so we were over the moon to discover another, called the Tuttuki Bako, while scrolling through Twitter recently (thanks to @memcardshow).

This was a device that let you stick your finger inside a 2.4 cm-diameter hole, filled with motion sensors, in order to select from and play a bunch of prodding-and-poking-based mini-games. It was released back in November 2008 exclusively in Japan and retailed for around 4,180円 (roughly £25 or $31).

The device had five mini-games, called stages, including one where you poked a woman's face until she sneezed and another where you bugged an underwater squid until it inked the surrounding water and fled to safety. There was even a stick figure game where you could push and prod a little character around until it eventually snapped and started fighting back.

As well as games, the Tuttuki Bako also featured a built-in digital alarm clock too, which we can only imagine was to occasionally keep track of the time while poking your way through its selection of weird and wonderful scenarios.

According to Bandai's website, the device was aimed at individuals aged 12 and up. Yet in spite of that, the only advert we found for the product leaned quite heavily into the double-entendre of the player's primary action, with a Japanese woman inserting her finger into the box and making some suggestive noises.

You can watch videos of some of its mini-games below:

[source bandai.co.jp, via twitter.com]