Game Boy 4-in-1
Image: Solderking

The Game Boy was graced with some 'unique' accessories during its heyday (screen magnifier, anyone?), but modder Solderking – who is a dab hand at resurrecting dead handhelds – has recently designed a largely pointless add-on for Nintendo's console just for the hell of it.

The device allows you to run four different Game Boy games on the same system without having to remove any cartridges, and, in a world where flash carts exist, is pretty pointless – but, as Solderking says, he just did the whole thing for fun.

Believe it or not, devices like this did actually exist back in the '90s, but they were mainly aimed at home console users who couldn't be bothered to keep swapping cartridges. This Game Boy example is unwieldy and impractical, but we still take our hats off to Solderking for making the effort.