Super Sonic System
Image: @ominecraftera

Few video game communities are as creative as Sonic the Hedgehog fans, and you need only look at some of the fantastic romhacks and unlicensed titles that they are producing to see what we mean by this.

There are hacks that imagine Sonic going to hell, impressive remakes of overlooked games from the blue hedgehog's back catalog, and other stylish games that redesign and reinterpret the character's world in incredible new ways. So, staying with that theme, we want to talk to you about another amazing fangame that crossed our paths recently: Super Sonic System. This is an upcoming fangame from creator @ominecraftera that uses pre-rendered 3D graphics to emulate the style of what a Sonic equivalent to Donkey Kong Country might look like.

@ominecraftera revealed the project over the weekend, showing off Sonic's strange new redesign and the game's first stage "Green Passageway". In this stage, you can see this new take on Sonic spin-dashing through enemies, collecting an unusual star power-up to gain a temporary buff, and squaring off against Sonic X-treme-inspired bosses. It all looks surprisingly promising, truth be told. However, it seems like there may be a bit of a wait yet before we're able to see anything playable like a demo.

We should note that this isn't the first time that Sonic and Donkey Kong Country have crossed paths. At the end of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, during Cranky's video game challenge, Sonic's red and white shoes can be seen, for instance, next to a bin and a sign reading "No hopers". Perhaps we'll finally see Sonic return the insult 29 years later.

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