Our British readers will need no introduction when it comes to Jonathan Ross OBE. The acclaimed broadcaster, critic, comedian, writer, and producer has been part of the media landscape in the United Kingdom for decades, starting out in the late '80s and rising to the point where he hosts TV chat shows, radio programmes and even acts as a judge on the British version of the oddly popular musical competition show The Masked Singer.

Ross is also a massive nerd – a term we're sure he won't mind us using. He collects toys from all over the world, with a particular focus on Japanese ones. Ross was one of the first mainstream British celebrities to truly celebrate the impact of Japanese culture on the west and would share his love of the country via the docuseries Japanorama in the early 2000s, in which he interviewed the likes of Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Hayao Miyazaki.

We're pretty sure that his office in London is quite literally the best workspace in the entire world, too. He recently invited the excellent Toyshop on Tour (a YouTube offshoot of the brilliant Leicester Vintage & Old Toy Shop) to visit it, and the hour-long video above barely scratches the surface of Ross' awe-inspiring office.

Everything from Spider-Man to the most obscure Japanese robots is seemingly represented within these rooms; Ross has a particular affection for the Micronauts toy line, as well as other brands such as Diaclone (Transformers before they were called Transformers) and Zoids. There's also a smattering of Marvel and DC characters, Akira toys and much, much more besides. You get the impression that an hour simply wasn't enough time to cover everything.

One object that stood out to us personally was the super-rare Sega Dreamcast Divers 2000 CX1 system, a Japan-only hardware combo from Sega, CSK and Fuji Television that fuses a Dreamcast to a 14-inch TV and was manufactured in tiny quantities. Ross casually mentions that he has modded the unit with an ODE as the optical drive was on the blink. What a legend. The Divers 2000 CX1 is one of the rarest pieces of Sega hardware ever made, which shows just how dedicated Ross is when it comes to this kind of caper.

Indeed, just as Ross is a fan of Japanese culture in general, he has long been a keen import gamer and owned a PC Engine back in the early '90s. His current setup appears to be focused on an Xbox One S.

We're trying our hardest to make sure the Hookshot Media office looks as amazing as this, and Ross appears to approve of our efforts.

What do you make of this office space? Did you spot anything in the video you like? Let us know with a comment below.